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Check out part 2 of my AIESEC Memorial travel diary

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Why Prague?

I chose Prague because it sounded like the perfect place to study abroad- a unique culture, the opportunity to learn a new language, and you really can’t beat the exchange rate. I had always heard great things about Prague and it exceeded every expectations I had.

The thought of leaving everyone you love to go to an unfamiliar place whose first language isn’t the same as yours with people you don’t know or trust is scary. Yes. I’ll admit that. But with uncomfortable comes new experiences, learning, and usually a damn good story.

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How a Break Up Led Me to Travel | AIESEC Memorial

Check out my blog post for AIESEC Memorial about how a breakup led me to travel

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Dear Diary,

Travel has taught me to be spontaneous, to not limit myself, and that the world has much bigger things to see than we let ourselves believe. I really do agree with the saying that the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.

I am not a seasoned traveler, or one with very much experience; but I am an enthusiast beginning my journey who is inspired by inspiring others.

“The world has much bigger things to see than we let ourselves believe”

If you were to ask any of my close friends and family about the person I was two years ago, even a year ago, they will tell you that I have changed quite drastically. I’m still the Beth that loves sewing, cuddling something fuzzy when I’m sad, and the one who often speaks without thinking; but there’s a lot more…

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CAN’T.CONTAIN.EXCITEMENT!!! Good news today, can’t officially discuss it but I should be able to on Thursday. Ugghhh, just found out I can’t discuss it until late August; the specific date I don’t know. BUT. I did find out that the Google Online Marketing Challenge I did in my Digital Marketing class, my team finished with a ‘strong’ campaign and we are in the top 15% of contestants GLOBALLY! Yeehaw!

I submitted my work term report today and then amazing news tonight. I’m so high on life. Things are coming together, great things are happening, my friends and family are amazing, and I’m going on the experience of a lifetime in just over a month. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

The World Is Yours

Make it what you can.