Budapest, Hungary; Friends Visit; and <2.5 Weeks Until Home…

Today I finished my latest post for Verge Magazine and I’m really excited for it to be put up. It is honestly the post I’ve felt most passionate about while writing and I really hope I can inspire some others with what I have written. I discuss my thoughts on studying about and how I’m feeling about leaving- you’ll have to wait and see for more specific details!

I am currently writing a paper for my Drugs & Economics course about Canadian drug policy and its influencers over the last century.There’s a lot of information but often times that can be more difficult than not enough because there’s so much reading and narrowing down of information. I have two weeks left of classes and then I go back to Canada. It’s INSANE how fast the time has flown. I have two presentations to do on Monday, one final exam on Wednesday, two papers due before I leave and then a week of finals the week after next. Oi. The work here is not hard but it’s a nuisance how much of it there has been. I know I’m here to study but I honestly thought school would be more of a joke than it has been lol. I’m find myself thinking there’s that school’s interfering too much with my travelling aha. But that is life and I have managed just fine =).

The past two weekends were actually fantastic! Last weekend I had two friends visit me; Stefan who studies with me back home but is currently studying in Wales and Sherall who I grew up with but is teaching English in France. We had one of the greatest weekends I think I’ve had while in Prague since the semester began. Me, Stefan, and my other friends from uni here all went to see Swedish House Mafia last Thursday. That concert was soo awesome! Sososo awesome!

Me and my friends at Swedish House Mafia's final tour in Prague

Me and my friends at Swedish House Mafia’s final tour in Prague

Our amazing view of the Swedish House Mafia concert. Confetti, balloons, and amazing sound

Our amazing view of the Swedish House Mafia concert. Confetti, balloons, and amazing sound

Other than the concert we were straight up tourists the whole weekend. I showed them all of Prague’s amazing gems like the Prague castle, the Lennon wall, Charles Bridge, Petřín Hill, the metronome and so on! I even got to see a few things I had yet to since I’ve been here. We checked out some local pubs like the Prague Beer Museum, and spent one evening at Cross Club. It was really great to show them how awesome Prague is and to see some old friends!

Me in front of the Towers of Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary

Me in front of the Towers of Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest, Hungary

The week before Stefan and Sherall visited I found my way to Budapest, Hungary. I absolutely LOVED Budapest. I know Prague a lot better and it holds a special place in my heart but Budapest just had something about it. I loved the ruin pubs! We went to Szimpla for some beers on the Friday we were there and I also tasted hot wine for the first time. It was fantastic from there! Budapest has a crazy quirky feel to it that I thought was so cool. I found some really neat jewellery and clothes there and loved the atmosphere. We had some delicious food, checked out the Szechenyi thermal baths, went on the free walking tour and basically just saw everything we could fit into the weekend. It has been really hard to travel this time of year because the amount of daylight is slim to none. It’s basically fully dark come 4:30pm so you have to wake up early to get the most of your days.