About Me

Tumblr is where I have been “blogging” as of late, although it mostly just consists of me reblogging awesome/funny photos. I have posted on the AIESEC Memorial blog as well, just getting my feet wet a little.

But the REAL reason I am on WordPress is because I am going to be blogging while I’m away studying in Prague, Czech Republic! I wanted to start fresh here and make this my travel blog. I didn’t want to throw it in with all my random cat photos on Tumblr haha.

A little bit about myself:

Beth Saunders

Beth Saunders’ Mugshot

My name is Beth Saunders, I am originally from Nova Scotia but have lived in Newfoundland since 2007. I am studying Commerce (co-op) with a concentration in Marketing at Memorial University and I’m going into my final year of the program.

In September I will be studying at the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic as an exchange student through an international program with the MUN Faculty of Business until December.

I love social media, cats, sewing, the outdoors, rugby, soccer, yoga, coffee, food, and I couldn’t live without my friends and family <3.

Here I will lead you through my journey, my ups and downs, and the amazing experiences I will encounter. Come back again for a read, you never know what may catch your eye!


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