All Expenses Paid Trip to Australia?!?!

I am currently in the running against 19 other Canadians for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Australia this summer from Campus Perks and Tourism Australia Best Jobs in the World! I am sososo excited about the possibility of this, it would be absolutely AMAZING if I got this, I can’t even explain!

The position (grand prize) itself sounds totally rad and with the addition of Australia in there it just blows my mind (position stated post explanation). I am currently in the 2nd round of the competition and need to get support through social media and on my submission. I need to track everything I am doing, who is liking and sharing, and how engaging my content is with my audience. Clearly this is awesome for me because I love social media hah. If (when) I place in the top 10 for the next round I then need to then host an event on campus to promote the Best Jobs in the World campaign with Tourism Australia. In this event I will need to get students to apply to these 6 different jobs with 30 second video applications. Depending on how successful this event is and my number of applicants it is then determined who will actually go to Australia.

So, what does the prize entail? Well, it’s an all expenses paid trip to Australia for 17 nights happening in June. During this trip I would be travelling around Australia as the travel blogger for Tourism Australia reporting on these 6 Best Jobs in the World. This would be SIIICK. I travel blogged while I was studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic last semester and I loved sharing my experiences with others. I love researching the places I want to travel to and blog posts have been so key in finding out necessary information. They are great for finding stuff to do off the beaten path and have a more personalized touch which is great.

I think this position is really well suited for me because it involves marketing, PR, social media, event planning and travel; all things I’m totally into! I’m graduating from my Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in May and am still really uncertain of what I actually want to do. I think this would be an amazing first step and something I would be incredibly grateful for if I actually won! I could even reconnect with my Aussie friends I met in Prague, including my former roommate!

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Beth Saunders; Tourism Australia's next travel blogger!

Beth Saunders; Tourism Australia’s next travel blogger!

The Best Jobs in the World

Tourism Australia The Best Jobs in the World

Tourism Australia The Best Jobs in the World


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