Lost in Prague – Verge Magazine

Although I still have yet to write a proper blog post on here you can check out my story Lost in Prague on the Verge Magazine website!


Sorry for the Neglect!

Sorry for not keeping this up to date since I’ve been in Prague. I’ve been so busy and when I’m at home all I want to do is nothing. I promise I’ll give a post soon but probably not for another week. I’ve been in an intensive 9:00am-4:30pm course the past few days as well as my night classes. I have the last class tomorrow and also have to write a final exam. I have a few more assignments to do before next week and I’ll be travelling to Oktoberfest for the weekend with some friends from home.

I’ll give you some more updates sometime next week, I promise! I’m having a great time so far, a little tired and a little sick at the moment (like everyone else seems to be) but otherwise great.

Stay tuned!