Arrived in Prague- My Initial Thoughts

I landed in Prague, Czech Republic this past Thursday, September 13th. I had all of 2 hours of sleep after my 15 hour journey across the pond but my excitement didn’t let the sleep deprivation get to me.

Traditional Czech meal. Dumplings, beef, gravy, cream, and cranberry sauce

Traditional Czech meal. Dumplings, beef, gravy, cream, and cranberry sauce

I was picked up at the airport by my amazing Czech buddy who had his friend pick us up and escort us to my dormitories. The workers at the residence did not speak English and it was essential he was there to help me register and fill out the paperwork. I honestly would not have known what to do without him. I moved my things into my dorm, had a shower and we then went to eat some traditional Czech food and beer.

I had this meal which was dumplings, beef, gravy, cream, and cranberry sauce. I must apologize for the poor quality photo. My camera has decided not to turn on so I have been using my BlackBerry for the time being. I am crossing my fingers that it’s just a dead battery.

David, my buddy, had this goulash dish which was a combination of sausage, onions, some gravy, and potato pancakes. It was also quite tasty.

My kitchen in my dormitory

My kitchen in my dormitory

Once we got some food into our systems we headed to the grocery store to get some food for my dorm. I picked up some dishes and cutlery for the kitchen because nothing was provided. We only have a small fridge for four of us, no oven, and our “stove” is just two burners.

I intend on eating most of my meals in restaurants and just purchasing breakfast food and snacks. The food here is very cheap and given my kitchen situation it makes a lot more sense to do it this way.

Friday I did some errands around town like got my student ID and paid my dorm fees. Me and a few others adventured into the city and saw some of the gorgeous scenery around Prague.

This weekend I have checked out some of the local bars, did more sight seeing, and met some other exchange students. Tomorrow is the start of orientation week and then I start classes the following Monday.

Things are going well so far overall and I’m so thankful I made friends right away and I had my Czech buddy there to help. If it wasn’t for them I think I’d be all out of sorts at this point because I know about 4 words in Czech. Díky za čtení (thanks to Google Translate).


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