Arrived in Prague- My Initial Thoughts

I landed in Prague, Czech Republic this past Thursday, September 13th. I had all of 2 hours of sleep after my 15 hour journey across the pond but my excitement didn’t let the sleep deprivation get to me.

Traditional Czech meal. Dumplings, beef, gravy, cream, and cranberry sauce

Traditional Czech meal. Dumplings, beef, gravy, cream, and cranberry sauce

I was picked up at the airport by my amazing Czech buddy who had his friend pick us up and escort us to my dormitories. The workers at the residence did not speak English and it was essential he was there to help me register and fill out the paperwork. I honestly would not have known what to do without him. I moved my things into my dorm, had a shower and we then went to eat some traditional Czech food and beer.

I had this meal which was dumplings, beef, gravy, cream, and cranberry sauce. I must apologize for the poor quality photo. My camera has decided not to turn on so I have been using my BlackBerry for the time being. I am crossing my fingers that it’s just a dead battery.

David, my buddy, had this goulash dish which was a combination of sausage, onions, some gravy, and potato pancakes. It was also quite tasty.

My kitchen in my dormitory

My kitchen in my dormitory

Once we got some food into our systems we headed to the grocery store to get some food for my dorm. I picked up some dishes and cutlery for the kitchen because nothing was provided. We only have a small fridge for four of us, no oven, and our “stove” is just two burners.

I intend on eating most of my meals in restaurants and just purchasing breakfast food and snacks. The food here is very cheap and given my kitchen situation it makes a lot more sense to do it this way.

Friday I did some errands around town like got my student ID and paid my dorm fees. Me and a few others adventured into the city and saw some of the gorgeous scenery around Prague.

This weekend I have checked out some of the local bars, did more sight seeing, and met some other exchange students. Tomorrow is the start of orientation week and then I start classes the following Monday.

Things are going well so far overall and I’m so thankful I made friends right away and I had my Czech buddy there to help. If it wasn’t for them I think I’d be all out of sorts at this point because I know about 4 words in Czech. Díky za čtení (thanks to Google Translate).


Less Than 3 Days…

Remember when you kept asking me if I was nervous to go to Prague and I said no? Yeahhh, I’m getting there. It’s not a scared feeling, it’s an anticipation, a fear of having no real idea what to expect from my first few days.

I fly out supper time on Wednesday and arrive early afternoon Thursday. I have been matched with a buddy through the school who will pick me up at the airport and then I will move into residence and get settled. I still have no idea who my roommate/flat mates are, I hope I like them. I’m sure it won’t be an issue though, I’m easy going and don’t normally have issues getting along with people.

I start orientation week on Monday the 17th and then school on the 24th. I imagine my first few days and the weekend will involve me getting settled, picking up any necessary items I don’t have (which I feel will include a pillow and blanket but we’ll see when I get there), and meeting other students in residence.

This is the biggest change I’ve ever experienced. I moved away from home 5 years ago to go to school in Newfoundland but this is in no way comparable haha. I’m extremely excited, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that the closer it’s getting the more I have to really face me leaving and the more I’m worrying that I’m going to forget some extremely important document. that the health insurance I have won’t be adequate, etc, etc.

What am I looking forward to the most? Meeting new people and travelling. I’m really excited to hear about all the cool places people are from, what they’re like, how our views of the world compare, and so on.

This is just going to be so awesome =).

Me and my family (except my brother who wasn't around)

Me and my family (except my brother who wasn’t around). I’m on the right.

Nova Scotia Visit, One Week ‘Til Prague, $10,000 Grant Won

I am one week away from my semester of adventure. Next Wednesday night, September 12th, I leave Halifax International Airport and land in Prague, Czech Republic the following day. I will be studying at the University of Economics until December 23rd.

I’ve been at home in Nova Scotia since Saturday morning. I am visiting with my family until I leave for my trip. This past weekend was my sister’s 25th birthday and it was awesome to have her, my brother, and I all home at the same time. My brother and sister both flew back to their respective “homes” yesterday and now I have a week at home alone (well, with my parents). The break will be nice but I’m sure in a few days I will be aching to go.

Friends and family at Leslie's birthday celebrations

Friends and family at Leslie’s birthday celebrations


Sushi at Fujiyama in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sushi at Fujiyama in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Yesterday I had supper with my best friend growing up, Collette, at Fujiyama in Halifax. It was sooo good! I eat sushi every chance I get.

I will be heading into the city again this weekend and will probably go at least once more before I go. I would love to go to Minato and get their veggie dragon roll. I haven’t eaten that in a few years but it will always be my absolute favorite roll- or so it is from what I remember of it (I guess an update is necessary after I have it again).

I would have liked to be in the valley for the weekend because my dad won’t have any more time off work after the weekend before I leave but I have too many people I want to see while I’m home that I can’t pass up going to the city.

In other good news, it was officially announced the other day that my group for my digital marketing class placed second in the Google Online Marketing Challenge Social Impact Award. We received $10,000 on behalf of AIESEC Memorial, the group I volunteer with/we ran the campaign for. Check out the article written about AIESEC and the competition!

From top to bottom, left to right, Lyle Wetsch (associate professor of marketing, Memorial University), Beth Saunders, Scott MacDonald, Barbie Bird, and Virginia Greey. 2nd place winners of the Google Online Marketing Challenge Social Impact Award for AIESEC Memorial

I am extremely proud of our work. We have been the most successful team at Memorial University over the past 5 years of participating in the challenge. We competed against more than 11,000 students from 86 countries.

I would love to end up doing marketing communications and/or digital/internet marketing in some capacity once I graduate so I really hope this will help get me there.

I loved this digital marketing class because I learned a lot and the real life application of the in class theories was a great way to get experience and test my skills.

It’s one thing to read about something and another to actually put them to use. I am a very hands on learner so this was a great class for someone like me.

If you are a student at Memorial University and wish to take this class it is called Digital Marketing with professor Lyle Wetsch, Business 6241. It’s only offered in the winter semester as it corresponds with the dates of the Google Online Marketing Challenge.