Another Great Weekend

Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

I had another swell weekend. Friday was really low key, I decided to stay home and start reading the new book I got, Made to Stick.

I’ve been meaning to read this book now but almost a year but I guess haven’t gotten around to it. I had a nice evening reading the first 45 pages of it though!

Saturday I went to a wedding reception with a friend of mine and had a blast. The only wedding I have actually been to was when I was younger and really don’t remember it. I’m getting to that age though where this is going to be pretty common place over the next 10 years. Oh joy. I do enjoy dressing up though, I got to wear a dress I bought on one of those “I don’t know where I’ll ever wear this but I love it too much to pass up” kind of times.

King and I at his friend’s wedding reception

Sunday I spent most of the afternoon lazing in bed watching House and then started packing up my things in the evening. I will be moving my things into storage on August 31st so I’m trying to get as much packed up now while I’m still working so I can just enjoy my last few weeks in town 🙂


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