Jam Packed Weekend of Fun in Newfoundland

This was a solid weekend! I really wish I had taken some pictures though, how dumb of me not to!

I started off the weekend with the Newfoundland Folk Festival Friday night with my friend John. John is up visiting for the week and I haven’t seen him in a year so it was great to spend the evening with him. I went down around 7:30pm and we spent most of the night in the beer tent but made sure we went out for the Dardanelles for a scuff (Newfie word for a dance). This is an old song of theirs and some of the band members have since changed but the amount of new stuff on YouTube is limited!

After the folk festival we went down to Smoke’s Poutinerie which only opened here a few weeks ago. I got the veggie nacho poutine. It has jalapenos, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. It sounds disgusting but I swear it was delicious. After that we went for a pint at the Duke of Duckworth and then headed home.

The next day I was invited to go out on my friend’s boat! We were going to go water skiing but just ended up tubing. I dislocated my shoulder 1.5 months ago and I was nervous to try the water skiing anyway so I was content with just the tubing. It was a fantassstic day for the boat though. Minimal wind, clear blue skies, and was super warm and sunny. We stopped at Dick’s Fish and Chips on Bell Island for a feed and a beer and then headed back to shore. Afterwards we went to a fire on the beach and hung out with some friends. It was a great time!

Today I have just been catching up on Mad Men and taking it easy. Made a pretty deadly stir fry for supper though. Now for more Mad Men!

Homemade Chicken Veggie Stir Fry

Homemade Chicken Veggie Stir Fry


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