The Excitement’s Setting In

I’m slowing handing off my commitments and now that my mind is getting clearer I have been able to focus more on my travels and am starting to get more excited. August is going to be a great month.

One of my best friends I haven’t seen in a year will be arriving tomorrow evening. When he gets in we will be going out for some beers at the Duke of Duckworth, his favourite bar. It’s Regatta Day on Wednesday, a civic holiday in St. John’s. The Regatta is North America’s oldest sporting event; a fixed-seat rowing competition. If the weather is suitable we have the day off; if not we go to work and the next suitable day is the holiday. Thankfully right now things are looking good. I would much prefer to have some beers with my buddy and not have to go in to work.

As I mentioned in my last post my sister is arriving August 15th. My brother was supposed to go out to Gros Morne with us but he couldn’t get the time off work. We’re looking for one or two other people to tag along with us. We are looking at kayaking and a small hike on the Saturday and then we’re possibly attempting the James Callahan Trail on the Sunday. The trail is a 16km hike up the mountain which we’re all somewhat nervous about being inexperienced hikers. This is the view we want to see though, it’s THE view of Gros Morne.

Another one of my friends gets back soon from being on the boats all summer, my best friend gets back August 25th after a summer in Gagetown with the reserves, and then I head home to Nova Scotia for a two week visit.

Next week my work term report is due and then I finish up my work term the following week. I think August is going to flew by.

Until next time.


Weekend Camping Trip- All the Fun

Some of the group hanging out at the campsite

This past weekend I went camping at my friend’s family campsite with a bunch of my close friends. We went swimming, had a BBQ and a campfire, played washers, sang songs around the fire, played some games of beer pong, and just enjoyed one another’s company. Overall it was a great weekend, the best in a while.

Myself at the campfire roasting a marshmallow

In three weeks time my sister will be visiting Newfoundland for 6 days. We will be heading to Gros Morne for the majority of her trip. I cannot wait, I have lived here for over 5 years now and have never been. We will be staying at KOA with a tent site right on the lake from Friday August 17th to Monday August 20th. We will spend most of our days hiking the summit and soaking up the  view.

Hikers at Gros Morne National Park- Photo Credit to the Newfoundland Tourism Website

This week I will be going to price tents and sleeping bags for the trip. I purchased hiking shoes last week which will most definitely be used on the trip. I also purchased a hiking bag for my trip to Prague but I haven’t decided yet if I will use it in Gros Morne. I guess I will decide once the trip is closer and I have more details about what I need to bring and if we will be leaving our things at the site.


Sing along around the campfire

Speaking of Prague, MY VISA HAS ARRIVED! My mom just informed me it arrived at the house this morning. The processing time was supposed to take up to two months, I wasn’t expecting it until late August! I sent it to Nova Soctia in case it took a while to process and arrived in Newfoundland when I wasn’t here anymore. I guess it was an unnecessary precaution 🙂

Beth Saunders: A Quick and Dirty Introduction

A little bit about myself:

Beth Saunders

Beth Saunders’ Mugshot

My name is Beth Saunders, I am originally from Nova Scotia but lived in Newfoundland for 6.5 years. I graduated from the Memorial University Commerce (co-op) program in May 2013 with a concentration in Marketing. I have now found my way to Australia and am travelling around, exploring the country, and working here and there to keep my travels funded.

I love social media, cats, sewing, the outdoors, rugby, soccer, yoga, coffee, food, and I couldn’t live without my friends and family <3.

Here I will lead you through my journey, my ups and downs, and the amazing experiences I will encounter. Come back again for a read, you never know where I may find myself next!